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Shandong Province during the first half of 4210000000 yuan worth of exports of ships

  • Recently, the customs statistics, the first half of 2014 Shandong Province export all kinds of vessels 102000, increase 12.8% than the same period last year; the value of 4210000000 yuan, up 91.7%.


  • In 2013, Shandong Province Marine monthly export value fluctuation decline, except in October, year-on-year growth in November, the monthly export value was negative growth. In January this year, the export value hit a record high after February, the export value of rapid decline, from 3 to May exports remain low in 100000000 yuan of the following June, rebounded, the month in June exports of 570000000 yuan, an increase of 4.7 times, annulus comparing grows 8.3 times.inboard engine